Why create a VR Meditation Room?

I am creating a meditation room in VR because every person that is interested in meditation can benefit from having access to their own dedicated space for this practice. VR allows one to enter a setting that is conducive to feelings of sacredness, tranquility and deep concentration, no matter where you are in the physical world. Here one may find refuge from surroundings that contain distractions and messiness. This application will allow anyone to enter into a sanctuary with ease. It will also provide a timer with a gong for support of a regular practice.

What features will the VR Meditation Room have when it is done?

The first iteration will include:

  1. An indoor space that is inside a dome structure (Buckminster Fuller inspired)
  2. A sculpture of a Buddha in meditation pose
  3. A meditation timer with gong sound for start and end
  4. Minimalist design of the indoor space that is conducive to concentration and contemplation
  5. Available to play on Oculus Quest 1 and 2, from SideQuest.com

How did you get the idea to make a meditation room in VR?

The idea came from my own personal need for a meditation timer. I use a very simple one I downloaded from the Apple App Store on my iPhone. Every morning I meditate for ten minutes, and the gong sound marks the end. At one point I realized that it would be really nice to have a whole meditation room in VR that would include a timer, and contain things like an ancient buddhist sculpture, and other buddhist art.