Konrad Gnat

Software Engineer


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Tech: JavaScript, React, LAMP, Symfony, Node


  • Tank Battalion

    A 2D game built from scratch with vanilla JavaScript and the canvas element. It includes a single player and live multi player modes. Play it at the link below!
    Node, Express, Jade, Hosted on Digital Ocean

    Live Site | See the Code

  • Reads Planet A NodeJS, React, MongoDB App

    Features user sign in, create, edit, delete posts and comments. Follow users and edit profile. Passport library for authentication and EJS templating engine. Data on books is received from Google Books API.
    Node, Express, React, Flow, Enzyme, MongoDB

    Visit Page | Github

  • Coherent Breathing App

    Practice coherent breathing technique

    • Node
    • React
    • Redux
    • Express
    • PassportJS
    • Deployed to Digital Ocean

    Live Site | See the Code

  • YouTube to MP3 Converter

    Download MP3 file of YouTube videos, specify playback rate from 0.5 to 2.0. Built from scratch, no CRA, webpack configured from scratch

    • Node
    • Express
    • React
    • Webpack
    • Deployed to Digital Ocean

    Live Site | See the Code

  • GifNotes

    A winning submission completed at GIF Hack 2017 in Palo Alto. Creates a gif from a specified segment of video from a YouTube URL.
    Node, Express, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

    Live Site Github
  • Crypto Prices

    This is a simple app that shows latest crypto currency prices. This could have been built with just a front end, but it was an interesting exercise in developing with Django
    Django, React, Coinbase API. It is hosted on a digital ocean droplet with an Nginx server.

    Live Site | Github
  • MatchUpGame

    React app. Hosted on Digital ocean with nodejs back end.
    React, Node

    Live Site | Github

Client Projects

Corporate Kneads: live site

Nashville Drum Tracks: live site

More Projects

Alexa Skill - 'Martha Gellhorn Quotes' link to skill on Amazon | github

Scripturally Sound: Code for the Kingdom 2017 Hackathon, Nashville github

Spaceship Shootout: Mad Hacks 2017 Hackathon Project, Madison github

Live Sports 360 VR App: Developer Week 2017 Hackathon, San Francisco - Winner Best Video Streaming App github

FireMixtapeMd: Uncommon Hacks 2017 Hackathon, Chicago github


My mission is to build apps that push humanity forward. I made my way to programming through environmental studies, chemistry and then literature. I have been driven by a curiosity and a passion for learning. Among my greatest intellectual hero's are John Muir, Leonardo Da Vinci, John Steinbeck and Kahlil Gibran. On any given day I can be found developing applications using JavaScript, React, PHP and Node.

  • expertise: JavaScript, PHP, SQL
  • familiar: C, Java, Python

Node, Symfony, React, jQuery, Express

CSS3/HTML5, Git, Vim, MySQL, MongoDB, Linux